AD Office | 极简建筑的最佳体验


We’re all about simplicity and fine detailing.

AD Office是比利时一家设计工作室,“建筑的最佳体验”是他们一直秉持的设计目标,凭借对材料的广泛了解以及对光线和间的深刻理解,他们能够一次又一次地创造这种氛围。

AD Office is a Belgian design studio, An “optimal experience of architecture”, that’s what an interior of AD Office has to offer. Thanks to an extensive knowledge of materials and a great understanding of the operation of light and rooms, the office is able to create this atmosphere over and over again.

AD Office创造了一个散发着力量和个性的宁静内饰。纹理是交替平面处理的基础,与更明显的材料形成对比,这都是概念中设计语言的一部分。

      AD Office created a tranquil interior that exudes both strength and personality. Texture is alternated with a flat finish or a light uniform basis in contrast with more pronounced materials, it is all part of the design language within the charted concept.

AD Office认为诚实和简有助于实现永恒。对光线和空间的深入研究,保证了建筑的最佳体验,并精心运用合适的材料,营造出合适的氛围。通过精心挑选的灯光、装饰、物品、艺术和家具,可以增强整体效果,让您的项目得到极致的品质。

Honesty and simplicity contribute to a timeless realization. A thorough study of light and space guarantees an optimal experience of the architecture and thoughtful application of suitable materials creates the right atmosphere. The whole can be enhanced with carefully selected lighting, decoration, objects, art and furniture so that your project gets the ultimate character.

AD Office喜欢受到来自世界各地的其他设计师风格和意见的启发。然而,比利时设计的优势在于它能够感知这些想法,解释它们,根据自己的哲学测试它们,并随后在正确的背景下实施它们。

AD Office likes to be inspired by other designers, styles and opinions from all over the world. However, the strength of the Belgian agency lies in its ability to perceive these ideas, to interpret them, to test them against their own philosophy and to, subsequently, implement them within the correct context.

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