Joyce Wang新作 | 香港豪宅,传达环境之间的共同精神


The distinct South Side geography brought to mind my experience in Rio De Janeiro and the city’s close relationship with the sea and rolling hills. A common spirit between the environments that I was keen to communicate from concept design.-Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang将现代风格与巴西中世纪相结合,为这个住宅营造出新鲜有趣的内饰,甚至还引入了Sergio Rodrigues和Jorge Zalszupin的巴西经典设计。

The Studio combined a contemporary approach with mid-century Brazil to create a fresh and playful interior for this property, even bringing in Brazilian design classics by Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin.


The Studio worked with walnut and cherrywood that had been associated with traditional furniture and re-interpreted the way it could be used and combined with other materials and textures to create furniture designs that were more about relaxed comfort and domestic informality, more attuned to life in Brazil.


Loyal to a palette of materials that would showcase the authenticity and untreated quality behind finishes. Marble was kept in their chiselled state for bathrooms and feature columns, whilst the living room chandelier is composed of a series of carved walnut shells that serve to reflect ambient light into the space.


Gilded mirror hand-painted by local artisan with etched palm leaf pattern matched with Cippolino marble in the Powder Room.


Palm leaf wallpaper: A play with pattern in the hand-painted wallcovering of our guest bedroom. The artwork is saturated within the timber panelling and fades into a more subtle palette beyond the confines of the panelling.


An airy walk-in dressing room complete with glass top accessory vitrines, leather pulls and a sculpted vanity mirror.

主浴室可欣赏到香港深水湾山谷和山顶景色;主人可以享受舒适的独立浴缸。 Palisandro bleu实心台面配有抛光镍的豪华卫生洁具。

The master bathroom opens up to views of valleys and hilltops of Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay area; to be enjoyed from the comforts of our freestanding bathtub. Palisandro bleu solid countertop complete with luxury sanitaryware in polished nickel.

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