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Golden Design 设计工作室原名We Are Huntly位于墨尔本的温莎,她们的设计弥合了建筑与视觉艺术之间的差距。下面是她们的二个新作!

The Golden Design design studio, formerly known as We Are Huntly, is located in Windsor, Melbourne, and their design bridges the gap between architecture and visual art. Here are their two new works!

Albert Park Residence


Albert Park住宅的荣幸之处在于重振墨尔本最重要的遗产名录之一,在真正的保护和现代设计之间取得了相当的平衡。通过融入住宅维多利亚时代的“金银丝”特征,并将现有的与新的结合,一个自信和分层的内部已经演变成适合这种血统的属性。

Honoured with the task of revitalising one of Melbourne’s most significant heritage listed homes, Albert Park Residence finds resolve in a respectful balance between authentic preservation and contemporary design. By embracing the home’s Victorian ‘Filigree’ features and unifying the existing with the new, a confident and layered interior has evolved befitting a property of such pedigree.

Wattle House



Melbourne-based design studio Golden has enlivened a recently renovated family home in Armadale, Melbourne, expressing a celebration of creativity throughout the eclectic space. Combining family-friendly function with fun-loving personality was tantamount for the client. “We embraced earthy and rustic textures and decorative pieces that spoke to the strong, distinctive vision of the client, allowing us to transform each space into one that celebrates art, texture and form,” explains Golden.


Working with the challenge of a recently redone space, Golden gave careful consideration as to what to maintain and what to refresh. Elements were considered equally between aesthetic and function. Joinery insertions are artful yet durable, and a set of curved travertine drawers that appear decorative were designed with toddler safety top of mind. Unique décor can be credited to close collaboration with artisan makers. A custom whiskey cabinet crafted from aged brass creates a sense of vintage charm, yet surprises with contemporary trimmings such as LED strips that line each shelf. “Our meticulous joiner spent hours and hours to ensure that the finish and detail was perfect,” says the design team.

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