Benoit Viaene | 比利时设计的内敛朴素


      Architecture is more than just bricks, it’s an interaction between structure, interior design and landscaping,3 elements we try to join in a personalized harmony for our clients.–Benoit Viaene

       Benoit Viaene是一家位于比利时的室内设计工作室,其室内设计风格被定义为内敛,朴素和雅致,这种风格是关于创造一个简单,用和舒适的空间。

      Benoit Viaene is a Belgian interior design studio whose interior design style is defined as restrained, plain and comfortable, which is about creating a simple, spare and comfortable space.

       创始人Benoit Viaene是毕业于荷兰安特卫普皇家艺术学院建筑系,在住宅建筑,公寓,小型改造和室内设计方面拥有超过15年的经验。

      Benoit Viaen is a graduated Architect of the Henry Van de Velde Institute in Antwerp and has over 15 years of experience in residential house-building, condominium, small transformations and interior.


      Benoit works with a dedicated team of specialists to ensure a great experience for his customers. His style typically mixes contemporary and historical elements with a solid understanding and deep respect for traditional building techniques and materials.

       Benoit Viaene从设计到完成的整个过程是与客户的“创造性旅程”,考虑到他们的愿望和个性,并在建筑空间和内部细节中反映出来。

      The entire process from design to completion is a “creative journey” with the clients, taking into account their wishes as well as their personality, reflecting it in architectural spaces and details of its interior.

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