Botanic Collection | 限量版住宅打造精致生活

墨尔本市中心,像样的绿化本身就是一种奢侈。作为受欢迎的Domain Precinct的名地址,Botanic Collection为皇家植物园提供了有限的生活机会。建筑师Rob Mills和Powell&Glenn将四个独特的系列赋予生命,每个系列都精心打造精致生活。

When it comes to inner-city Melbourne, decent greenery is a luxury unto itself. A prestigious address in the sought-after Domain Precinct, the Botanic Collection offers a limited opportunity to live by the Royal Botanic Gardens.Four distinct collections are brought to life by architects Rob Mills and Powell & Glenn, each artfully crafted for sophisticated living.

从现代主义传统到新的勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)风格元素(更不用说花园令人惊叹的景色,或宁静的室内外空间),这是一个真正独特的住宅系列。

From its modernist heritage to the new Le Corbusier-inspired elements (not to mention the jaw-dropping views over the gardens, or the serene indoor-outdoor spaces), this is a truly unique collection of homes.

Thirty Anderso


By Rob Mills

在皇家植物园边缘只有三个住宅的有限收藏中,Thirty Anderso绝对是稀世珍品。由著名建筑师Rob Mills带来自然优雅的生活展现。

A limited collection of only three residences on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Thirty Anderson represents absolute rarity. A showcase of natural elegance brought to life by acclaimed architect Rob Mills.


Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.’-ANTONI GAUDí


Our work stems from the land; if you seek a mindful existence, you need that direct connection with nature.


With breathtaking and forever-protected views of the Royal Botanic Gardens—and stunning interiors defined by striking architecture—the Penthouse at Thirty Anderson is unequivocally Melbourne’s most prestigious address.

Kurneh Place


By Rob Mills

Kurneh Place的建筑体验受到自然形态的启发,其设计具有雕塑般的表现力和整体性。令人联想到传统的英式马厩,这个建筑展示了精致,无缝的设计和四个层次的无限奢华。

An architectural experience inspired by the forms of nature, Kurneh Place is sculptural in its expression and holistic in its design.Reminiscent of traditional English mews, the architecture is a showcase of sophistication, seamless design and boundless luxury across four levels.

Garden Lane


By Powell&Glenn


‘We’ve created something truly unique, the likes of which doesn’t exist anywhere else in Melbourne or the world.’Powell & Glenn

Garden Lane与历史悠久的Marcus Martin建筑毗邻,是对永恒奢华的现代诠释。由Powell&Glenn设计,是一个研究光和景观的空间剧院。落地窗在三面都享有充足的自然光线,将花园的美丽融入每个住宅。

The contemporary counterpart to the historic Marcus Martin building, Garden Lane, positioned adjacent, is a modern interpretation of timeless luxury.Designed by Powell & Glenn Architects, Garden Lane is a study of light and landscape, a theatre of space. Floor-to-ceiling windows welcome abundant natural light on all three sides, inviting the beauty of the gardens into each residence.

Martin House


By Powell&Glenn

当代建筑语言与Martin House的历史结构无缝融合,永恒的美学与现代生活紧密相连。围墙花园和郁郁葱葱的景观营造出一种发现感。

Contemporary architectural language integrates seamlessly with Martin House’s historic fabric, a timeless aesthetic dovetailed into modern living. Walled gardens and lush landscaping create a sense of discovery.


These capacious apartments enjoy large, private courtyards, while top-floor residences feature rooftop terraces. Each home includes generous windows flooding the space with abundant natural light.

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