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1. 问候语(可用于正式场合)

Good morning. 早上好

Good afternoon. 下午好

Good evening. 晚上好

And your name is ...? 你的名字是?

Very nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你。

My name's... 我的名字是...

Welcome to... 欢迎来到...

How are you today? 今天好吗?

2. 有关 how are you 的回答

How are you? 朋友或相识的人之间见面时问对方身体情况的寒暄语,你今天好吗?


I'm good, thanks, you?

I'm pretty good.

I'm ok.

Not bad, thanks.

I'm very well, and you?

I'm great! You?

2. how are you的其他表达

How's it going?

How're things?

How're you doing?

How's life?


How's tricks?

What's up?

What's new?


3. 对话

No.1(Oxford Online English)

-Hey! How's it going?

-Pretty good, thanks, you?

-Yeah! Not bad.

No.2 (新概念英语第一册)

STEVEN: Hello, Helen.

HELEN:  Hi, Steven.

STEVEN: How are you today?

HELEN:  I'm very well, thank you. And you?

STEVEN: I'm fine, thanks.

STEVEN: How is Tony?

HELEN:  He's fine, thanks. How's Emma?

STEVEN: She's very well, too, Helen.

STEVEN: Goodbye, Helen. Nice to see you.

HELEN:  Nice to see you, too, Steven. Goodbye.